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Getting Started


gem install goodcheck

Or you can use Bundler:

bundle add goodcheck

If you would not like to install Goodcheck to your system (e.g. you would not like to install Ruby), you can use our Docker images.

Docker images#

We provide the Docker images for Goodcheck so that you can try Goodcheck without installing it to your system. Visit our Docker Hub page for more details.

For example:

docker run -t --rm -v "$(pwd):/work" sider/goodcheck check

The default latest tag points to the latest version of Goodcheck. You can pick any version of Goodcheck from the released tags.


goodcheck init
# Edit goodcheck.yml
goodcheck check
  1. Generate a template of goodcheck.yml configuration file for you.
  2. Edit the goodcheck.yml to define patterns you want to check.
  3. Run checking your files, and it will print matched texts.

See the commands for more details.


You can download a printable cheatsheet from this repository.